Last month we asked the deferit community what “money tips you wish you could give your younger self”, and boy, did they deliver. Some of the comments were so oh-so-helpful that we wanted to frame them and put them up on our wall. So we’ve done the hard work for you and sorted through all the comments to put together this list of the best money tips according to our users. Enjoy! 

  1. Start saving earlier (this was one of the most common ones we received)
  2. No retail therapy!
  3. Take advantage of living at home because no bills = huge and fast savings
  4. Forgive yourself for the mistakes, don’t allow the guilt to hold you hostage and keep you from experiencing freedom, pay off debt and give yourself permission to take control of your finances, financial literacy matters, know about your money, and use it as a tool to level up. Learn the value of saving money, investing, and creating wealth. It’s possible even if you didn’t grow up with a financial foundation.
  5. You don’t need a new outfit for every occasion – you are not a Kardashian
  1. I would ask myself “do you really need that item” when purchasing non essential things
  2. Find someone to teach you about buying property
  3. Put aside a minimum of 10 per cent of every pay
  4. Buy your first house as early as possible
  5. Don’t rush into getting a car loan before doing more research or you’ll be paying 17.9% interest
  6. Start contributing to your super as soon as you can
  7. Stop spending money on things you can’t afford
  8. Never buy a brand new car
  9. Don’t follow the crowd – people will mindlessly buy and pay for things just to fit in. Sheep never become leaders anyway.
  10. Learn about investing and invest sooner
  11. Make paying bills a priority
  12. Learn to negotiate your pay
  13. Just because your income goes up doesn’t mean you have to spend more
  14. Avoid loans and credit cards if you can
  15. Enjoy life but make sure you budget and save for the long run
The 20 best money tips you wish you could have given your younger self

We love hearing everyone’s money tips and are always on the lookout for more! It’s never too late to change our habits for the better. No matter if you’ve been in the workforce for decades or just started an entry-level job. If you could go back in time, what would you add that’s missing to this list?

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