The excitement of Christmas is over but there’s still almost a month of school holidays left! That’s four weeks of irritable kids and arguments unless you find some things to do to entertain your little ones. But never fear! Here’s a handy guide for things to do during the school holidays that won’t break the bank. 

1. Museums

Do a mix of museums to supplement your child’s education. They don’t have to be boring, go to fun museums for children like a reptile museum or something with dinosaur bones to spark their imaginations. Make it extra special by dressing up and packing fun themed lunches.

You can go to art museums and take a sketchbook and some pencils to get them to draw something that inspired them. Most museums offer activities for kids to keep them entertained so make sure to check the museum’s website when planning to see what holiday offers or events are happening!

2. Cooking

It’s such a valuable skill to teach your children. Children love cooking because they feel grown-up and get a real sense of accomplishment when they finish. Even better, they get to eat whatever they cook! Check out this guide for ideas to cook with kids.

3. Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are such a fantastic way to use up not just hours but days! It may seem like just a bit of fun, but it’s actually fantastic for the development of their motor skills too. Martha Steward has 30 days of craft ideas, check it out here!

4. Picnics

Turn your basic lunch into a fun day out. Head to your local park with a ball or a kite and you’ve made a fun day completely for free! Even better you can combine this with tip number 2 and cook things for the picnic with your kids!

5. Start a vegetable garden

This is so much fun! Admittedly, you have to spend some money to buy seeds, but they’re not too expensive. Your children can each have their own little sections to look after and take pride in. And the added bonus is this is a great way to teach kids responsibility.

6. Put on a show

Get the kids to prepare a show based on their interests. It could be a magic show, puppet show or fashion show! Help them to get started with the elements they need and then leave it up to their imagination.

7. Have a themed day

Turn a simple activity into a fun afternoon. Have an at-home spa day with the girls with a fun afternoon tea party to top it off. Or how about a dress-up game that ends with a dance party? Or an afternoon of science experiments, match it with some fun edible science experiments for a treat to enjoy after.

8. Camping

Everyone loves the adventure of camping. Whether it’s a blanket fort at home or taking a trip in the great big outdoors. Combine this with bird watching, fishing or a hiking adventure. Give the kids an old compass or a homemade map and set them off on a discovery. A great science experiment idea that goes with camping is solar oven smores, the kids will love it.

9. Homemade games

Take some time the night before to prepare a game for the next day. The ‘Detective’ game is great for burning energy and working your kid’s imagination. Here are some detective game ideas to get you started. Solving the case will give them such a feeling of satisfaction that you might just find them creating their own mysteries to solve.

For older kids, try Geocaching. Geocaching is a treasure hunt using a GPS enabled device to find a geocache near your home, city, the bush, anywhere in the world. Beware it can be addictive!

10. Check out local events

It’s worth signing up for your local area’s community newsletter. This way you can stay on top of events happening at your local library (grab some books while you are there!), outdoor movies, concerts, holiday markets etc.

We hope this guide gave you some ideas and inspired you to get the holiday party started! Fingers crossed you will never hear the dreadful “Mum, I’m bored” ever again! Do you have any ideas of things to do in the school holidays? Let us know! Happy Holidays!

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