Do you need some extra help budgeting and paying bills? Here’s our take on the top 5 budgeting apps of 2019 to get you sorted.

Just like going to the dentist, eating your veggies or drinking enough water in the day, budgeting is a necessary evil for most of us. And the hardest part of sticking to that budget is figuring out exactly how much you’re spending and making sure you have enough for the important things. With all that in mind, we’re going to try make it a little easier by sharing our top 5 budgeting apps that help keep us on budget every month and save money where possible.

Our top 5 budgeting apps:

1. deferit: Say hello to pay on time discounts!

We can’t help but be fans of our own mobile app with the number of glowing App Store and Google Play customer reviews flowing in!

deferit proudly enables Aussies to pay their bills on time in order to save money by avoiding late payment fees and allowing you to lock in those valuable pay-on-time discounts. Simply snap a photo of your bill and upload it to the deferit app, we pay your bill in full and you pay it back in 4 fortnightly instalments. Interest-free, no hidden or late fees.

People are saving hundreds in pay-on-time discounts on their bills with deferit. It’s a great option to help you budget better and save money.

Find out more about the deferit app

2. 7-Eleven Fuel: Save on fuel

Budgeting Apps : 7-Eleven Fuel App

Want to save money on fuel? We always do! The 7-Eleven Fuel app ranks as our second budgeting app because it’s helping us save time and money.

The app prides itself on being the “world’s first fuel price lock”. What does that mean? 7-Eleven Fuel will find the best fuel price available at their stations in your local area. You can then lock in the lowest fuel price on the app and fill up your car within seven days to get that price. AND if the price drops after you’ve locked it in, you’ll always pay the lower price. There’s absolutely nothing to lose! 

We often cringe when we see fuel prices move by up to 50 cents a litre in a week. Don’t miss out on those great fuel savings with this handy budgeting app!

Find out more about the 7-Eleven Fuel app

3. Unocart: Save on groceries

So a big part of budgeting is saving money where you can and having money left over to pay your bills.

Unocart makes grocery shopping easier. You can shop all of your favourite stores at the same time and compare prices and make sure you always get the best price on a product. Create one shopping list across all stores at the best prices.

Definitely one of our favorite budgeting apps, they also give back to the community by supporting organisations such as OzHarvest and SecondBite. Another good reason to get behind them!

Find out more about the Unocart app

4. ATO App: Budgeting to pay tax

Ato App Tax Budgeting Apps

We can’t really talk about budgeting without touching on tax.

Anyone can use this app offered by the Australian Tax Office for lodging and tracking their tax return. Their handy expense and deduction tracker is a great tool for employees and business owners on the go. The app allows you to take a photo of your receipts and store the information. (No more losing your receipts!)

The ATO App will save you time and hopefully you’ll get some money back when it comes to tax time.

Find out more about the ATO app

5. Spriggy: Budgeting for the future generation!

Spriggy Budgeting App for kids

Purpose-built for families, set up automatic pocket money payments and give your children the freedom to make their own spending and savings decisions.

Spriggy builds responsibility and independence in your children. The app helps teach kids aged 6-17 to make better decisions when it comes to money. With the aid of visual savings goals, kids learn how to balance earning, saving and spending every time they use the app or make a purchase.

What a great idea to teach our kids about the value of money and set them up for a future of better budgeting!

Find out more about the Spriggy app

So those are our top 5 budgeting apps for managing your expenses and to help with paying the bills! What do you think? Do you have any other budgeting or thrifty apps you swear by? Let us know!

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